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Story of Change: Dr. Martin Luther King,...

Story of Change: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today marks a day of remembrance for a man who pioneered one of the greatest developments in modern American history – the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. Or, better articulated, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., helped open the doors of dignity and respect for our African-American brothers and sisters. For he knew, was correctly convinced, that these honors were due to all humanity created in the […]

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Story of Change: Shifting Theological Gr...

Story of Change: Shifting Theological Ground

‘It’s dangerous to loosen foundation stones!’ (Thomas Manton) That’s true. Chipping away at basic Christian doctrines—which is what the speaker meant—is always ill-advised; it is at our peril that we tinker with, say, the inspiration of Scripture or the deity of Christ. But surely many secondary issues of Christian belief, the theological equivalents of artexing […]

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