life springs forth

This excerpt comes from the book’s Introduction.

I suppose transformation would never truly take place if we did not walk through change that challenges who we are in our brokenness, in our selfishness, in our sin-laden selves.

Change is our lot in life.

We are intent on resisting change.

Each change calls for embracing something new.

Change is greatly partnered with “again-ness.”

Change is not always pleasant.

But here’s maybe the greatest challenge of all. Difficult change doesn’t pass by quickly. It’s not headed on an interstate, motorway, or Audubon at seventy-five miles per hour. Rather, it’s more akin to honey at the bottom of a squeeze-bottle making its slow and steady way into a cup of tea! This kind of change is a drawn-out path.

Remember the very hungry caterpillar? The average period to move from cocooned caterpillar to beautiful butterfly is all of two weeks. Yet, we are all very aware that grueling times of change last well over two weeks! The process of getting to where God is taking us might take ten months. Or ten years!

Within the story of Scripture, Abraham would add his twenty-five years before receiving his promised son. The Israelites would add their forty years before entering the Promised Land. David would add his twenty years before becoming full king of Israel. Not to mention the centuries long wait for God’s Messiah to show up.

God is in no rush to do things. This is seen through the process of cre- ation and the crafting of Scripture itself. Both show us God’s work through long, patient processes.

Let it sink in: God is in no rush.

What a truth to hold on to, if we are willing.

In contrast to God, we stand as the “microwave generation.” The microwave was created to rapidly cook foods. We no longer have to bake our potatoes for forty-five minutes. We can simply nuke them in three short minutes. But the most ironic thing of all is that we can find ourselves stand- ing in front of this invention, tapping our foot, wishing the potato would cook faster.

However, we belong to the One who truly loves long and patient pro- cesses, even in our most difficult times of transformation…