Scott Lencke was born and raised in Memphis, TN. The bluff city is his hometown. He serves on the faculty of several higher education institutions, teaching theology and religious studies courses. Scott spent eight and a half years involved with ministry work in Europe: In the UK from 2003-2006 as Old Testament Lecturer for the Bible College of Wales and in Belgium from 2008-2013 as pastor of Cornerstone International Church.

His education includes a B.A. in Communications from the University of Memphis, an M.A. in Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary, and two years of work on a Doctor of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. He begins his Ph.D. studies at the University of Aberdeen in February 2020. His research looks at how missional practices impact spiritual formation in the life of the Christian.

His wife, Catherine (Cat), is a beautiful English rose and an artist-photographer at heart. They met in the UK during his 3-year stint there. They have 3 boys, aging from 10 to 3 years old.

Scott’s first book, Change for the First Time, Again, was released in September 2016 under Wipf & Stock’s imprint, Resource Publications. His second work, Reflections of Immanuel, is due for release in Fall 2020.