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Scott Mcknight Picture

Scot McKnight, Author of The King Jesus Gospel and Kingdom Conspiracy

“The difference between a conservative and a radical is not the difference between resistance to changing and embrace of change, but rather how organic the changes are. Scott Lencke’s memoir of his already quite adventurous life is the story of a man and woman discovering organic connections between where God had led them and where God was about to lead them. Anyone facing a change of life — from the common to the extraordinary — will benefit from this wise set of reflections on organic changes in life that keep one’s mission in focus.”

jonathan merritt photograph

Jonathan Merritt, Author of Jesus Is Better Than You Imagined

“In a world filled with fakes and facades, here is a story told with honesty and authenticity. In Change for the First Time, Again, Scott Lencke opens his heart and let’s readers peer inside. Read it and be moved.”

ken steorts photo

Dr. Ken Steorts, Founder and President of Visible Music College

“I believe this will be the strength of this book — to help others let true stories and thoughts of change arise and be considered. To let the meaning behind relationships be developed more fluidly. To give space to the edges of experience and grow from them.”